PVB Film Scrap

Thickness: 0.03-0.20mm
Width: 20mm-1580mm
length: 50-2000m/roll (as per customer’s requirement)
Peel strength: 20-400g/25mm
Elongation at break: Machine direction: ≥180%
Transverse direction: ≥380%
Tensile strength: ≥ 10MPa
Color: Transparent(as per customer’s requirement)
Backing: PE film

Adhesive: acrylic

Transparent polyethylene film Features:

Hot Sale Pvb Film Scrap Price, High Quality Pvb Film Scrap
1. Protect the products from pollution, damage and scratch during the process of production,
transportation, store and installation.
2. Easy to peel and leave no residue glue on the surface.
3. Anti-high temperature, anti-low temperature and anti-aging.
4. Print your logo and other info
5. 5 colors overprint

PU Foam scrap in bales which is available with following Features:-

1. Clean and dry, without hard skin, water, garbage, fabric.
2. Can be used for mattress, sofa, furniture, packing, protective box, toy etc.
3. This scrap foam all come from polyurethane foam and furniture factory.